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Delivery Questions
Perez Bro''s Inc., - Delivery Questions:
Q :   May I place an order over the phone?

A :  

Businesses with current and active accounts may place orders over the phone. All other orders are placed at the time of payment.

Q :   Do you accept COD’s?

A :  

All delivery items are on a prepaid basis.

Q :   May I have a delivery load placed at two or more locations?

A :   Product is delivered to one specific location only

Q :   Do you deliver one pickup load of sand?

A :   Our minimum delivery quantity for sand and aggregate is ten (10) cubic yards.

Q :   I need to purchase 50 blocks, will you deliver this quantity?

A :   Our minimum delivery quantity for blocks is four (4) pallets. The number of blocks per pallet depends on the block size. You may have different sizes of block delivered, but each complete pallet must be of one size only.

Q :   May I buy a pickup load of sand or gravel and pick it up portions of the load in two or more trips?

A :   No. All pickup load quantities of sand or gravel are sold by the single load only.

Q :   May I purchase 200 blocks on one invoice and pick it up a little at a time?

A :   No. We sell and invoice only what you can carry in one load.

Q :   May I purchase 3 pickup loads of sand on one invoice and pick them up on different days?

A :   All products sold by pickup load quantities must be picked up on the day it was sold.

Q :   May I take any leftover concrete from the jobsite it was delivered to and have it brought to another jobsite?

A :   Excess concrete not used at the jobsite must be returned to the Perez Bros., Inc. yard for proper disposal.

Q :   I am unable to load block myself, can someone load my block for me?

A :   Our block yard is a self service yard. Please bring someone whom may assist you with the loading of all block you purchased.

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