Determining if the concrete can be placed directly from the truck or if it will need to be pumped
Can you get a truck up close to where the concrete’s final destination is?

Trucks can’t get close enough to the pour for four reasons:

  • The ground surrounding the project is too wet and the truck will sink.
  • The slope leading to the concrete pour is too great for the truck.
  • There is too narrow of an opening for where the truck would need to pass to reach where the concrete is needed.
  • The pour is big and the trucks chute can not reach everywhere concrete will need to be poured.
Perez Bros. Inc. has our own criteria on what we feel is accessible for our trucks, please consult with us for free consultation.
Important Information for Placing Orders

Schedules are made at the time of payment. Delivery time and date are indicated on the payment invoice.

A map or sketch of the delivery site is required for all deliveries and services rendered.
A daytime telephone number is required in the event contact is necessary.

The customer is responsible for providing a delivery site that is free and clear of obstacles and is fully accessible by our trucks.

The customer, or an adult representative of the customer, must be present at time of delivery to acknowledge and sign receipt for all deliveries and services rendered

There must be adequate overhead and side clearance for all trucks accessing the job site. Customer is responsible for ensuring proper clearance is available.

We are not responsible for damages resulting from an unsuitable delivery site.

All products are delivered to one specific location. No drop shipments are allowed.
Minimum requirements for product deliveries:

For block delivery, the minimum load is four (4) complete pallets (cubes). Each of the four pallets may be of a different size, but each pallet must be of a complete count.

For aggregate delivery, the minimum load is ten (10) cubic yards.

For ready mix concrete, the minimum load is six (6) cubic yards.

Clean up loads for orders less than nine (9) cubic yards will be subjected to a minimum load charge in addition to the price of the additional concrete delivery request.

For orders of nine (9) cubic yards or more, one clean up load shall be permitted. A second or any other additional clean up load will be subjected to a minimum load charge in addition to the price of the additional concrete delivery request.

The allowed concrete discharge time is five (5) minutes per cubic yard. Discharge time in excess of this five minute per cubic yard allowance will be charged an additional fee billable at the fifteen (15) minute interval.

Customer must designate an on site location for concrete washout.

Concrete not used at the jobsite will be returned to the yard for disposal.

For concrete pump services, the minimum service period is three (3) hours.

In the event a concrete pump service extends beyond the billed period, an additional charge will be assessed and collected for every hour beyond the initial amount paid.

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